The Devil's Doorway



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by derekjager 4 / 10

Great acting and setting, just lacks an original, compelling story

The 1960s setting is great as is the acting. Unfortunately, they forgot to write an intelligent, compelling story. And so many loose ends. They start to investigate the "miracle" of blood tears flowing from Virgin Mary statues. Doesn't that sound creepy/disturbing? Why would the Catholic church consider that a miracle? They somehow jump to the conclusion that it means one of the women or a nun is pregnant. (?) That leads nowhere until one of the women says a pregnant women is locked in the basement. Of course, she's possessed so we're subjected to 15 minutes of her screaming and attacking people, a bed shakes, crosses turn upside down, she levitates, etc. I mean, really? Then they find--and film--a room filled with Satanic stuff. When they show the head nun the room moments later, all the Satanic stuff is gone. What's the point of that? And the priest don't even mention it again. Then it turns out the girl is a virgin what she's pregnant. And no one seems that stunned; even the Dr. is sort of, "Weird, huh?" They set up all these little scenes that go nowhere. Oh, and one priest hears children whispering to him, "We're going to kill you." Whispering kids are pretty non-scary to me, so this doesn't add any frights to the movie but of course, he has to race up and down the hallways to find the ghost kids. And while this is supposed to be found footage, there is a SOUNDTRACK for all the jump scares, along with scary music when they go to find the baby the girl gave birth too. And the end is a mess--I think the nuns are attacking the priests (you can't see a thing) and then the older priest is killed and over. It's really a mess but again, such a great setting, well acted. Just lacks a great story.

Reviewed by neener3707 7 / 10

Much Better Than Most Found Footage Garbage

So as you've noticed by the trailer, the film has a unique way of presentation, using the old-school aspect ratio. Its not perfectly clear whether they used real film stock, or created it digitally, but as someone who worked at a film archive, I can attest that they did a pretty darn good job. But is it scary? Is it really like the critics say, that its the best found footage film in years, being a ode to The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby? Well no, its not anywhere close to those masterpieces, but I agree its much better than the found footage garbage we so often see. With a boat load of Hollywood found footage trash, we also get a wave of films made by anyone who has an iPhone, and the vast majority of them are terrible, and while Devil's Doorway is not amazing, its certainly to as bad as I'm used to.

But was it scary? Its hard to say yes or no, I would rather say it was hit and miss, some of it got me, some of it didn't. The atmosphere also appeared and disappeared, sometimes it was effective, sometimes it was either not there or was not as effective. Its no masterpiece, but it most definitely had some cool stuff in there. The aspect ratio adds to it, the story its based on is an interesting one (surprised it has been done to death), and some of the plot points, shocks, and scares were alright. Again, alright, not perfect. So don't go in expecting a masterpiece like some critics say, or are paid to say.

Reviewed by tkaine3 8 / 10

Wow this turned out to be very very good!

The devils doorway may have a mediocre IMDB rating but do not take this horror film from the UK to be just an average scary movie because it's not. The acting in this feature is purely amazing and the storyline may not be the most original but writers have creative privilege and they can always refresh our memories if they so choose. And although "The Devil's Doorway" does have 2 or 3 jump scares over the limit the dialogue keeps you entertained while you wait for the actual occurrences to take place and yes regardless of what the advertising banner for this movie says this is found footage and it's a pretty darn good one. The camera has a few jiggly moments at the end of the movie but 95% of it was was steady and well angled. Special effects were decent and the camera editing was converted into the look of a retro 35mm camera giving it a boost of realism. All in all this movie definitely fits the bill of a good horror flick so I give it an 8 which means you surely won't be mad to sit down and check this one out when you get a chance.

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