The Black Scorpion


Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Those Scorpions Gave Me Nightmares

One of the better Fifties science fiction entries is The Black Scorpion or scorpions to be precise. These creatures got released during a volcanic eruption and started wreaking havoc in the area around Mexico City.

Of all the monsters created by the special effects guys including the great Ray Harryhausen, the ugliest, meanest, nastiest creatures ever brought to the screen were these scorpions. They are ugly as sin, emit an obnoxious drool when on the prowl and make a noise guaranteed to scare any kid or kid at heart out of his comfortable movie seat. And they are one of the few creatures which are not either from outer space or caused by radioactivity.

When the scorpions start doing their thing, scientists Richard Denning and Carlos Rivas are in the area as is ranch owner Mara Corday. In between trying to figure out how to combat the scorpions, a little romance gets going between Denning and Corday. And there's a cute little kid around played by Mario Navarro who gets in all kinds of trouble tagging along with the scientists.

But you can mute the romance and get into the action. I guarantee you will like the scene inside the volcano where Denning, Rivas, and little Mario have to deal not only with the scorpions, but with giant earthworms and spiders. And the final battle in the Mexico City soccer stadium between the scorpion and the scientists and Mexican army is a tingler.

Reviewed by Chuck Straub 7 / 10

Should have been called the scorpions that ate Mexico.

Black Scorpion, is another semi classic, 50s giant monster movie. It should have been called the scorpions that ate Mexico. If you enjoy other movies from the 50s that feature giant insects or other huge monsters wreaking havoc on mankind, you will also like Black Scorpion. You do have to keep in mind that this was made in 1957. Don't be looking for the thrills you can get from the special effects in today's horror movies. The movie has to be viewed within the context of the time it was released. For it's time, the special effects were great. This was truly a scary movie for it's time and continues to be exciting today. I found this to be a very entertaining movie and recommend it to anyone who enjoys the giant monsters of the 50s and early 60s. Enjoy.

Reviewed by JKnight_author_of_RISEN 10 / 10

"Them" scorpions are among us!

From out of the desert come giant scorpions, destroying houses, ravaging vehicles and slaughtering innocents! It's Them! all over again, but with better and more vicious monsters that, coincidentally, sound exactly like Them!'s giant ants.

The Black Scorpion is a typical 1950s giant monster movie, and you have to love the period and the genre to appreciate the film. I happen to love the period and the genre, and I also love stop-motion animation, so The Black Scorpion really presses my buttons.

The animation supervisor is Willis (King Kong) O'Brien, with the actual effects work done by Pete Peterson. You can see more of Peterson's work on the DVD. We not only get scorpions by the handful, we get other animated creepy-crawlies as well. Lots of effects work in this one!

The story is by-the-numbers but Richard Denning gives his usual stalwart performance. The DVD sports some nice Harryhausen extras, too. If you like this kind of thing, you'll LOVE The Black Scorpion.

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