Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran


Action / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Maulin Parmar 9 / 10

A must watch patriotic film. John's career best.

Directed by Abhishek Sharma, Parmanu is a film based on true incident of nuclear testing in India (1998). Film features John Abraham, Diana Penty, Boman Irani and Anuja Sathe in prominent characters. It speaks about the historical event of India becoming a nuclear state.

First of all, let me tell you frankly that I was not going for this movie till the last night. Somehow I felt that it's going to be a boring film as what will they show about nuclear test! But last night, I read one tweet praising about it. So I made up my mind to take a risk. Believe me, I am extremely satisfied now!

What went through during the test of nuclear, that also with super secrecy from entire world, especially CIA. There is a constant pace that the film continues on with lot's of happening in between. There is a strong emotional factor, too. And above all, the patriotism makes it a worthy watch for every Indian.

John Abraham is at his best. Many will say that this is his best film in the entire career. Also, he is a producer of this film. There were some issues, and because of that the film's future went in danger. But he somehow manages to break all the odds and Today he made it to the theatres as well. Kudos to him for lifting up such a story which the entire nation needs to know.

Diana Penty looks perfect for the role. She acts beautifully and looks charming. Anuja Sathe delivers a solid performance as a wife of John. Boman Irani is excellent. His conversation scenes with John are the best! Supporting cast, especially the Pandavas have done a great job. They keep you engage as well as entertain throughout.

Music by Sachin-Jigar adds an element of Rajasthani touch. Folk tunes and voices are very much relatable to the story and situation. Sapna by Arijit is my favourite from this album.

Location adds thrill to the story. Storms and sands are captured well. The whole setup of plant was developed superb. It is hard to crew for the setup pf 1998 in the current year, but they have done it nicely. Though, the blast could have been shown better. Although, it is nice now. Usage of old footage such as speech by Bajpayee is also good.

Overall, this film should not be missed. You will feel proud for sure. This film is an ode to our engineers and scientists. And that too in a thriller format. John Abraham and Abhishek Sharma deserve applaud for making such a wonderful film. And I wish John will make such films in future as well (like his production house did in the past). So, a must watch story of Pokhran. 4/5.

Reviewed by shishir16 10 / 10

Indian History's best kept secret

Despite the intricacies of the topic at hand, filmmakers have delivered a thoroughly entertaining uncomplicated gripping thriller with enough light moments to keep the audience captivated.

The grandiose vision, acute attention to detail required for a period film, fast-paced screenplay, Hollywoodesque CGI and a breath-stopping final act that ends literally with a big bang!

Abhishek Sharma of Tere Bin Laden fame has delivered a winner here filled with patriotism, some bollywood masala, Argo kind of ending & a fair bit of Vajpayee ji. Another path breaking film from the John Abraham Production House post Vicky Donor and Madras Cafe! Boman Irani is the finest actor in the country, John Abraham is wonderful and the support cast fits in perfectly!

A story revealing Indian history's best-kept secret, that needed to be told! It is imperative that we encourage and watch good films like Parmanu in theatres in India, else we will continue to be served some trash Friday after Friday. The movie will resonate with every Indian & all movie-goers will leave the theatre engulfed with national pride!!

Reviewed by priyaguptadu 10 / 10

Amazing Mindlowing movie, one of the best movies of the year

Parmanu is thriller movie, which shows how RAW coordinated with IB , Indian Army , ISA to test India's atom bomb along with keeping the mission secret from Pak's ISI and US CIA.

Great acting by lead actors.

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