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Reviewed by DeusExMachina326 10 / 10

The truth

Hi, i watched a lot of movies, but this is the first time i write a review. Im from Serbia, and that is not the reason i put 10/10 for this movie (bcs all Holiwod fans put bad marks on most of Russian movies), in the same day i watched Star Wars and after that this movie. That only increased the enjoyment of this movie, after wathcing that terrible movie. It has love, it has war, it has bravery, it has comedy, it has everything a lot of movies today doesnt, it does has some similarities with 300 spartans. But still, this movie rly deserves 10/10. or at least 9/10, watch Stalingrad, Russian movie too, all around Europe it got a lot of awards and first places only on imdb it has bad marks... Idk why this site hates Russian movies so much probably bcs Russians dont vote on this site, they have there own. Nvm still you should still look this movie, its a gem.

Reviewed by mladenbosiocic 7 / 10

west and east

Russian version of 300, but without western nazi superiority and pornography. But on the other hand, with a small dose of Russian propaganda. Overall, not so bad.

Reviewed by olderman-01464 6 / 10

Not bad not so good

First of all I could say that film is the mix 300 spartians and Russian movie The Horde. It is absolutely fantasy about East Europe of 13 century on historical base of legendary Russian warrior Kolowrat who had followed by enemy and battled against mongolians army one-by-one when his city was destroy. Advantages: Great music (System of Down), good and amazing clothing looks nice and unordinary...something middle between Chinese,japanise ang mongolian traditionary clothing, and a little bit of humour

Disadvantages: strange and illogic scenario, strange battle scenes, actors look as modern people and speaks in modern language

For me it was more interesting to watch if to compare 300 spartianses but it is not a great job..

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