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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
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Samuel L. Jackson as US President William Alan Moore
Ray Stevenson as Morris
Jim Broadbent as Herbert
Victor Garber as Vice President
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stinkfist-60060 1 / 10

Ignorance irritates me

I hate when somebody (usually Americans) making movie about real world using real countries/towns names etc and they do not care if anything they show about real place it's true. They act like every watcher of their movie is an imbecile and know nothing about the world. I'm writing it because movie is placed in huge mountain range in Finland (It is not a spoiler cause this information is given in first 3 minutes of the movie) and THERE IS NO MOUNTAINS IN FINLAND AT ALL. This is not a secret knowledge at least they could write fricki'n Finland in google earth. So as I say Ignorance irritates me and I could not give any more than one to people that do not respect their watchers.

Reviewed by LTSmash14 8 / 10

Fun Fun Fun!!

Samuel L Jackson is the disgruntled President of the United States who is the target of an attack that leaves him crash landed in the forest of Finland aided only by Oskari, a Finish boy trying to prove himself as a hunter and as a man. WHAT MORE CAN YOU WANT?!

This is the best camp action movie I have seen in a long time (and I'm counting The Expendables). It's so much fun to watch. Onni Tommila as Oskari is so brilliant and hilarious, and stands up no problem to Sam Jackson.

Definitely what you're looking for on a Friday night in with a buddy and a beer.

Reviewed by carlcasso 10 / 10

Fun Like It Used to Be

I was dragged to this Movie today by my Son. He Dragged me to See Age Of Ultron Last week and even though I'm a fan of Marvel, I thought there was far too much going on in that Movie.

But back to this one. Do you remember the old Bruce, Arnie and Stallone Movies before they got old. This is just like those movies. We get Action, Characters to Care about Action. Funny One liners. Action. And we feel good at the end. Did I mention Action.

Nobody is going to win and Oscar here but if you like bringing your kids to the movies, this is for you.

Great Fun. Just what Movies used to be like.

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