Baahubali 2: The Conclusion


Action / Drama / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paderthi-vijay 10 / 10

Why so much hatred ? Watch before posting review !

Why so much hatred on this movie. I wonder whether people really watched this movie before giving 1-star ratings. I'm surprised not even single point they liked in this movie. This means when you keep negativity in mind everything looks negative. The sheer collections of this movie in India alone prove how much this movie liked by common movie lover.

People who are saying this movie collections are just because of the hype should remember no movie in the world wins the box office just through the hype or publicity. The hype is good for the first day or weekend collections, but once the movie is out only the content wins at the box office. In fact, many times too much hype damages collections if the movie is not up to the mark. I can give you few examples. The Indian superstar Rajinikanth's movie Kabali hyped so high than any movie in India before and not even Baahubali 1 had that much hype. That hype helped to get unimaginable records on the first day and the first weekend, however, the content of the movie is not justifiable over the hype so it just collapsed at the box office. There are plenty of examples like this; another example is South Indian director Shankar's film 'I'. Where Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger came to India to attend the audio function and that created so much buzz. But everyone knows what the result of that movie at the end. Therefore the point is just with hype and publicity no one can make movie run in long run. Also no director in the world can make a movie which satisfies all audiences. Not even James Cameron. When his latest movie Avatar got released there were plenty of people who did not like the movie(IMDb rating 7.8). People questioned what is there in that movie other than spectacle VFX. That is not James Cameron best works compare to his previous movies Titanic, Terminator 2 etc. However, the majority of the people around the world embraced that movie and made it the biggest blockbuster ever in Hollywood film industry.

When you are rating this movie keep your negativity aside and watch again, think for a second why Baahubali 2 is able to achieve mind-boggling collections and able to run successfully for 50 days in 1050 centers. If there is nothing in this movie how it would collect that much. Think hard! You will realize the greatness of this movie. If you still not satisfied at least appreciate people's hard work that put their heart and soul in this movie for 5 years.

Finally, my review of this movie is as follows.

It is most engaging, gripping, jaw-dropping movie that I've seen in recent times. I bet you will get Goosebumps while watching some of the scenes (guaranteed). I've known Rajamouli since his first movie. His biggest strength is his screenplay and emotional drama. He told in many interviews what is his success mantra.

1. Elevation scenes: He ensures there is at least one peak/elevation scene in every ten or 15 minutes of the movie even story won't allow for such scenes. IMO this is one of the reasons he takes more time to make movies as to conceive each such scene is not an easy job. This will keep you engaged throughout the movie without any dull movement. If you think the movie as a two-dimensional graph, his movies are like a sine wave except there are no negative values, only positive values occasionally rise to the peak. Keep this point in mind and watch Baahubali 1 and 2. There is always one or two elevation scene(s) in every 10 or 15 minutes. Especially in Baahubali 2, you forget to take the breath! The screenplay is so tight and engaging.

2. Emotional drama: He is a true master in emotional drama. The scenes that lead to Kattapa killing Baahubali are an emotional roller coaster. The drama between each of the lead characters is top notch.

3. The villain character: Almost in all his movies villain character is more dominant, powerful, charming, intelligent than a hero. He creates more scenes to establish villain. The point here is, the impact that this build-up creates when hero defeats indisputable villain is terrific. Even in Baahubali 2, the villain character is so powerful sometimes you feel it is impossible to defeat him. Overall it's an eye feast to watch this movie. If possible watch it in IMAX or 4K screen.

Thanks to Rajamouli for giving such a wonderful masterpiece.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 1 / 10

This ain't no Conclusion but a Concussion to da head. A very bad spoof/cartoon film for bhakts.

Finally sat down to write the review of this over-hyped trash. Saw this with my friends in a theatre. I was never a fan of the first part. It was pure cartoonish n bad movie. Was not keen on watching the 2nd but sometimes u cant deny ur pals. The only reason i am writing a review of this trash is to let my anger out. The story of this movie was so lame that at times i felt m i watching an 80s bollywood crap. The hero is shown as the best human being without any shades of grey. Basically there was zero effort in the screenplay. Lets come to the acting. Inspite of the movie being 3 hrs long, there is zero character development. The lead actor, Prabhas was pathetic. The expressions n mannerisms were not convincing. The editing was the worst. Most of us started fiddling with our fones. Ther r unnecessary scenes which jus drags on. Cinematography in this movie was awful. The direction is very amateurish. The director didn't know how to create tension or get the best outta his cast n crew. Coming to the vfx of this movie, i found it to be cartoonish n very silly. The scene where Baahubali uses coconut trees as an infiltrating object for his army to get on top of the fort would be remembered as the most unintentional comedic scene. Some of the video games n animated movies r much better than this trash. So many arrows are fired yet Bahubali gets away easily. The dam scene man.

Regarding originality n creativity: Straight away copied from 300, Game of thrones, Superman vs Batman, Ong bak, Hercules, Troy, The Mummy, Wonder woman n the poster of Simon Birch in the first part.

Reviewed by rohit arora 1 / 10

typical masala trash

I don't come to write reviews here ever but had to write one for this garbage for sure. Now I, for one, liked the first part. Not because of its VFX, not at all, but because of the storytelling. The VFX of the first movie were definitely over-hyped and were maybe better than your typical bollywood crap but nowhere in the league of an average Hollywood movie. I think they were worse than that of Magadheera for that matter. But I still loved the movie because I felt there was a wonderful story waiting to be discovered in this entire series and it was being told in a very nice way, innovative for an Indian movie.

Coming to the second part now. It's utter nonsense. Here, I said it. VFX are a huge step down from the first movie and there are a lot of scenes, where you can tell that the set or the fight is absolutely fake. But as I said, I don't judge Indian movies purely on VFX ever because I know that our budget can not match that of Hollywood. The biggest disappointment for me was the storyline, or the lack of it, and the way it was told.

The first half had almost no story development. It was filled with the same old overused cheap gimmicks that have been done in like a hundred Indian movies. Hero is champ but he acts like a dumb person and ends up wooing heroine. Crap. Highly predictable. The director turned Katappa, one of the biggest shines of the first movie for me, into a joker just to appease the mass.

Now, I didn't have any great interest in why Katappa killed Bahubali. I think everyone had this clue that it had to have happened on the orders of Sivagami, and so it was also obvious that she must have been duped by her husband and son, still, the curiosity was to know how. And boy did that disappoint!! I don't know how anyone can take that thread of a storyline and fast as the wind of a story development, for an answer to the question that had become the centre of interest of millions of people in last two- three years. It was pure nonsense. In an era when we have Game of Thrones to understand the depth of politics that kings and warriors can connive, this thing felt like coming right out of an early 90s' Indian movie. And people are satisfied with it???

It just dampens my belief in our people's ability to think. We just accept any half-baked poorly conceived idea for a plot. And it is that because of which our writers don't take the pain to think deeply over the plot lines.

Deeply disappointed by the movie. I had high hopes but I should have known better. Unfortunately, the type of hype this movie has received is going to spoil Indian cinema's image everywhere. People all over the world won't come to know that we are also capable of making Drishyam; they would remember us with Bahubali 2.

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