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Katee Sackhoff as Mackenzie 'Mack' Wilson
Julie Cox as Lena Sullivan
Steven Cree as ARTi
Ray Fearon as Sterling Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Frankie Sez 6 / 10

Interesting interpretation of an idea done by others

Despite reading all the bad reviews (and I mean horrific) I saw the movie anyway and was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't nearly what so many of these negative reviews. I'm no great writer so I'll just list the biggest and loudest complaints and give my take on them: "CGI is like legos" "Boring, slow" "Horrible special effects" "Bad acting"

The first thing to do is to put expectations in check and have at least a little understanding of what you're watching before making judgements. If you go into this thinking it's Transformers or any of the current Star Trek movies then yes, all of those reviews are absolutely correct. It did not deliver any of that because it is not (nor sold as) that kind of movie.

Now, set the correct expectations in that this is more of a dialogue driven story with a minimal budget and you will find this to be a thought provoking movie that talks about the future of humanity and AI and the idea of what if... There wasn't a long cast of characters. By my count five with actual lines. Two of which were voice only and a handful (like five maybe) of extras with no lines and are shown for about 8 seconds)

So basically it's Katee Sackoff who is charged with investigating a previously manned mission to Mars that resulted in the deaths of her crew, one of which was her father. She is to partner with an A.I. called A.R.T.I., (an onboard A.I.) and together they will remotely land and operate a rover that was sent to Mars, all from a control room. From there the story takes off and throughout the movie it takes you through some tense moments trying to land the rover successfully. Some twists and turns, more tense moments when making discoveries that in turn create more questions than answers. Katee Sackhoff was great, did a great job. The AI was also good, they had good exchanges. It kept an appropriate pace, nothing felt dragged out nor like I was waiting for anything. It had a start, a build up, and ended with something interesting with a twist.

The negatives I read: "CGI is like legos" ---- Nope. Although it was no Avatar it wasn't anywhere the "awful" description some have given it. It was perfectly reasonable and fit the story. I never found myself wondering about the CGI (and I am a big fan of ID4, star trek and and all the huge budget ones) "Boring, slow" --- I didn't find it slow at all. It moved, there was tension throughout and it did keep me guessing "Horrible special effects" ---(see the CGI answer...) "Bad acting" --- By who? There's 3 faces with lines, 95% Katee and how was she bad? I thought she did a great job

I gave it a 6 (and NOT a 1) because overall I liked it and was pleasantly surprised after reading so many bad reviews.

I gave it a 6 and nothing higher because although I liked it, it wasn't anything earth shattering (no pun intended...) and an extremely over played subject done by many. More than anything it seemed like another interpretation of an over done subject. That said I thought they could have done a better job of explaining things. Though very very interesting the ending didn't quite tie things together as well as I would have liked and I found myself a little confused. However I think I got it, (maybe..) Worth a rent (for me)

Reviewed by werner-95 7 / 10

At least a decent sci fi

I've seen plenty of high budget movies packed with action scenes in a future that makes no sense. This movie at least tries a bit to remain in science fiction more than fantasy and with an interesting take on it. Kind of like 2001 but yet a pretty different take.

I'd say I saw the plot twist coming a mile away, but still I welcome that they tried to end with some sort of a closing instead of just a bang. Some event didn't get properly clarified and I think that's the biggest miss for this type of movies as it must be a coherent universe, else it's fantasy.

Forgetting that part, there are still quite many unrealistic goofs: - hyper-telecomunication in opening scene before it got invented - the space shuttle in opening scene wouldn't keep a forward trust for 90 days and would have to reverse trust way before even approaching Mars, but in the movie it kept the thrust and didn't "break" - cell phones that look like 2016 - no human would let a "beta" AGI have so much power (unless... sorry can't say else it may spoil the movie)

Should you see it? If you like SciFi, you're likely going to find the topics on par with current thought experiments and you may enjoy it. A lot is actually in the not said but in what you guess as you watch it.

Reviewed by Diane Alexander 1 / 10

How badly must you need money to star in this film? Very Badly ...

Origin Unknown answers the long asked question, "What would happen if we decided to make a film using a Commodore 64 and a bunch of Legos for special effects?" This would happen - and it's not pretty and it's not fun.

Cheesy special effects aside let's discuss the writing and direction. Well we're done discussing that because there ISN'T any. A lot of the (un)action takes place in a single room as dialog between Sackhoff and a computer robot head that would do Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000 proud. Sackhoff needs to fire her agent for booking her this piece of tripe...and maybe her accountant... and maybe she should slap her mother one too as well for good measure.

It;s obvious the six year olds who filmed this were "inspired" by 2001 A Space Odyssey because you see several of the same shots and scenes. They tried to emulate the film but it comes across a bit worse than the "Sweeded" version you might see from "Be Kind, Rewind"

This is a HORRIBLE film and everyone involved in it should be ashamed. I'M ashamed just writing this review.

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